Activision Aiming To Improve ‘Cadence’ Of Destiny 2

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said that the ‘cadence’ of post-release content has been deemed as a disappointment to many Destiny players and aims to take a more aggressive approach to Destiny 2’s DLC. Stating..

“We got a lot right with Destiny 1, but one of the things we didn’t do was keep up with the demand for new content. I feel like that, as great as [DLC packs] The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and Rise of Iron all are, clearly there was appetite for more.”

“One of the things you’ll see post the launch of Destiny 2, is that we have got additional AAA developers from inside the Activision ecosystem working with Bungie on Destiny content, including Vicarious Visions and High Moon. That will allow us to keep an even more robust pipeline of content in the ecosystem.”