Ace Attorney Creator Working On New Project

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with 4Gamer, Ace Attorney Creator Shu Takumi revealed that he isn’t working on Ace Attorney 6, but a different project. It’s unclear if the project is Ace Attorney related, but it does seem that way. Stating..

“At the moment, heading into next year, I’m preparing for the next project, and also working on script supervision for the Ace Attorney anime that will begin airing in April,” said Takumi.


“As for the anime, I will meet up to participate in some work for it in Tokyo once a week,” he continued. “Oddly enough, next year is the 15th anniversary for Ace Attorney. In order to make it into a turning point year, and also to not lose to myself from the past, I plan on giving it everything I got.”
Ace Attorney 6 will be released some time next year on Nintendo 3DS.