Ace Attorney 6 To Have New Rival Named Nayuta Sadmadhi

Posted on by Ryan


Capcom has announced that Ace Attorney 6 will feature a new prosecutor and rival named Nayuta Sadmadhi. Capcom released this description about the character…

A prosecutor of the Kurain Kingdom. As an international prosecutor, he’s qualified to carry out trials in courtrooms around the world. He has his own ideas when it comes to trials, and believes that a trial is a ritual to mourn the soul of the victim, and the sinner’s judgment will bring the the soul salvation.

He considers lawyers to be those who prevent that salvation, and challenges them with strong hostility. He has a soft demeanor, and normally speaks politely, but when it comes to the criminals and lawyers he detests, he is ruthless while still maintaining a calm expression.
Ace Attorney 6 is in development exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and will be released later this year.