53% Of Game Developers Expect Crunch

Posted on by Ryan

According to a new report by the mental health awareness non-profit Take This, 53% of game developers expect crunch as part of their job. This has led to numerous burnout among employees across several studios.

Take This notes that “lack of job stability and longevity,” games’ “lack of diversity and inclusion,” and “the public perception of games” as three major factors facing employees and their mental health.

Other notes from the study found that less than 18% of those who worked overtime were financially compensated, one-third of developers remain in the industry after 10 years, and the average employee going through 2.2 employers over the course of 5 years.

Development crunch has made several high profile reports including one from April where it was reported by Polygon that Fortnite developers were working 100 plus hours a week and just month Jim Sterling did a report on Rockstar Games’ employees being exploited and mentally abused.