3D Rubiks Cube Prototype Cartridge Surfaces

Posted on by Ryan


Back in 2002, a prototype copy of 3D Rubiks Cube for the Atari 2600 and caught many Atari and other retro video game collectors off guard. Well now it seems that after 13 years another one has surfaced and found its way to eBay.

A user by atari2600etc has posted what is believed to be the 2nd of two known existing prototypes of 3D Rubiks Cube. According to the seller, he found it at a yard sale near Sunnyville California and some of the items belonged to a former employee of Atari where it was found in a box full of Atari items.

Atari2600etc also noted that the prototype version is completely different compared to the one released. 3-D Rubik’s Cube is displayed in 3 dimensions rather than one making the game much easier.

The current asking price is set at $4,999.