343 Industries Working On Unranked Halo 5 Playlist

Posted on by Ryan


If you’ve been playing Halo 5 you’ve probably noticed that the new Warzone mode is being promoted heavily since the game was first released last month. While that might seem like a mode that people are interested in, there’s also a huge crowd that would like the ability to join unranked playlists. This has become talked about so much that even 343 Industries Executive Producer Josh Holmes even issued a small statement saying that the feature will be added in the near future. Stating…

“There was no insidious motivation behind going all ranked for Arena. That was the design intent of the team working on that experience. That said, we’ve heard the requests and we are actively working towards supporting unranked playlists for Arena in a future update. It may seem straightforward on the surface but lighting up unranked play in Arena is not as simple as flipping a switch.

TLDR; We hear you, and are working on it.”