343 Industries Attempting To Stop Halo 5 Cheaters

Posted on by Ryan


343 Industries are now taking action against players who a cheating in Halo 5. There main target are players who are exploiting it to earn more XP and REQ. The company stated on Halo Waypoint…

“We’ve been keeping a very close eye on REQ point and XP boosting, and the exploits some players are using to idle in matches in an attempt to fill their very own Money Bin with a ton of REQ points and XP. Our data team at the studio has not only caught this behavior, but we’ve also started taking action against offending accounts, including bans and removal of all REQ points. Most of you need not worry about this, as you’re aware that REQ points and XP are only awarded for honor and bravery on the battlefield.”

Another key note is friendly fire will be removed from the game’s SWAT mode.