2K Games Claims WWE 2K18 Will Not Have Paid Microtransactions

Posted on by Ryan


With the major backlash 2K Games has received with NBA 2K18, many have wondered if this kind of dependency will spread to more of their games. With WWE 2K18 releasing on October 13, people started asking if they would see them there. This led 2K Games to go on Twitter to say there would not be paid microtransactions.


However, there are some who believe this statement is misleading as on the game’s official website, microtransactions are described as the following..


Unlocks can be earned through loot cases and progression in both MyCareer and Road to Glory. Most Superstar parts and moves are locked from the start. Once an item is unlocked, it is then purchasable with VC. 

There are three levels of loot cases: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You have a higher chance of unlocking more rare items in Silver and Gold cases. You can purchase loot cases in MyPlayer, MyCareer and Road to Glory. You will also earn loot cases through progression in both MyCareer and Road To Glory.