GameStop Reportedly Closing 300-600 Stores, Implementing “Legacy Delete”

Posted on by Ryan

Thanks to a new video by Camelot331, several Gamestop employees have noted that all employees will see an increase of store goals so the corporate could figure out which stores will remain open. According to an anonymous district leader, Gamestop will be closing stores, but did not provide a number on just how many would be shutting their doors. This is believed to be why stores will be seeing an increase in goals. The same DL said that a restructuring will also be happening in the near future.

Another district leader also said the same, but noted that they needed to make a list of employees they would want to keep and have their pay rate to be discussed. This strongly implies that the company will be implementing their “Legacy Delete” program.

When Camelot331 reached out to a source at corporate, the source stated:

Yeah. So this is a big one. The call was to let field management know that they need to up their game to stay employed.

Funny thing is. It has already been determined if they are staying or not. So their future performance is irrelevant. It will be determined by legacy delete. So same old song and dance. District leaders and Store leaders that make vastly more than their colleagues will be terminated.

The restructuring coming is depending on Q3 results. Q2 made them scramble. If we see something like Q2 again. We will be closing 30 to 600 stores to pay off the losses. Terminating the associates and field management to downsize districts. With Legacy Delete.

The goal is to get to consoles. Like it has been. Investors continue to come on as it gets closer. 20 to 25% market share is the goal. I doubt we get close to that.

As you know they were planning on shutting down upward of two thousand stores. It’s just happening faster than expected due to the virus.

This was all to discuss the possibility so there is no telling. They are being extremely secretive lately. Bottom line something is coming. Sooner or later. You’ll know soon enough.

So based off this information, corporate have already decided on which employees will be departing and will be closing an additional 300-600 stores which would make it 1,500 stores closing since Q1 2019.