GameStop CEO Asks Associates To Donate To The Gamer Fund, Only Donates $2,000

Posted on by Ryan

Thanks to a new video by Camelot331, we have learned that GameStop CEO George Sherman sent out a video asking GameStop associates to follow in his footsteps and donate part of their pay to The Gamer Fund. This comes despite a third of all stores being closed due to COVID-19 and employees currently or bairly making minimum wage. Camelot331 reached out to a source to see how much Sherman had donated to The Gamer Fund and the source said that he donated $2,000.

The source said:

I asked *redacted* that works closely with Gamefund and they told me 2000. He donated 2K.

To put that in perspective, he gave me several store level associates that has donated more. It’s all to try to get workers to donate anyway.

The Gamer Fund was created by GameStop back in 2012 to provide temporary relief and meet the basic needs of GameStop associates who are facing hardships from tragic and isolated events.

The video also stats at the beginning that associates that work in areas that are currently seeing riots breaking out that their stores are to remain open and if to hide in the backroom if they start trying to break into the store. One anonymous store manager who experienced riots three stores down from their location said that their District Leader told them:

“Don’t be an idiot. You will be fine. We already closed once we can’t afford to close again. Just lock the doors if someone starts acting out.”