Partners With APB Reloaded

Posted on by Ryan have announced they have entered a partnership with Little Orbit’s MMO shooting game APB Reloaded. This partnership will see in-game ads distributed to banners and videos across in-game objects throughout the game to a player base of over 10 million worldwide.

Itamar Benedy, co-found and CEO of Anzu, said in a press release:

“Gaming has seen a massive boost in recent years and is particularly relevant now amidst the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent social distancing directives. APB Reloaded, one of the world’s premier MMO shooter games, is no exception. This cult favorite is the ideal environment for Anzu’s immersive brand ads.Advertisers, on the neverending quest to reach relevant audiences at the right times, are beginning to consider gaming, along with outlets like TV and social media advertising, as a mainstream choice in the growing menu of digital advertising channels. This partnership with APB Reloaded comes at the perfect moment–a time when more advertisers than ever are looking to go in-game, and gamers are on the hunt for more realistic experiences.”

APB Reloaded is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC via Steam.